Friday, February 18, 2005

And This Two Shall Pass

two souls drawn out from a far
both the same, and w/ broken hearts
two souls from different worlds apart
both combined under one wishing star

different souls, different characters
she might be his answer, his next chapter
different souls who shares joy and laughter
both the same, dreaming for ever after

different signs, different lines
both hits the spot, each other likes
one is a dreamer thats still in his flight
the other one is grounded, still willing to fight

this may come out of the blue
but the two shares something, no need for clues
dont blame him if he falls for you
like she said, she always gives them the cue

and if he ever do fall in love
hopefully she considers what he said above
and if he's wrong about this love
he promises to flee, flee peacefully like a dove

for i know he wont take it too fast
because i know he wants it to last
and if the two of them gets a chance
i'll tell you that this two shall pass...

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