Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Great Escape

green pastuers and flower beds
on a day so fine, i could rest my head
calm, and tranquil in this land of mine
sit down and relax, come drink my wine

you could be here, and be a boss
you chose not to, very well not my loss
ill stay here, too bad it could be us
not my fault, you made your choice

cool is the breeze that touches my cheeks
on warm and clear waters i rest my feet
so long i asked for this, so long ive waited
and now im near, but i feel ive melted

time and time again, id go here to unwind
lay and relax i start to clear my mind
i dont need you, im fine alone
no longer a dog to fetch your bone

few more weeks, i start to count
more reasons i start to pout
nearing this time i longed
even in soltitude, where i still belong

and like i told you, im not sad
life is so beautiful, no reason to feel bad
and in writing, im smiling like a young lad
just by telling you about this dream i had...

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