Monday, February 07, 2005

In The Streets of Cold

Lonely tonight i seek
the love we had i want to seal
steal the moment out from the past
the one that faded too fast

look at me, my love take a look
lonely as i am, give me back what you took
since you left, i never got it back
and along with my heart, i want you back

dont part, lets stay forever
'till the end, darling forever
dont smirk, im sober
when it comes to love, im still a believer

my one and only, please lets marry
be with me, along the time we'll cherish
this life you and i, i will hold
and i tell you, ill stay away from the cold

patient as ever, i'll wait
for how long, i dont know, i'll wait
hand in hand, how i wish we'll hold
to walk together, forever, not alone
in this streets of cold...

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