Tuesday, January 18, 2005


unconsciously a tear dropped, unconsciously
as i hold my head up high i prayed
no more of this, no more pain i plea
found myself in a typical situation, let me flee
more of this ill force myself to bleed

unconsciously i hold my head weeping, unconsciously
secrets known, i wish that was never been told
give me back my pride i wished i hold
shouldve done what i can, shouldve been bold
now im left all alone in the cold

unconsciously, i fell down unconsciously
had my last glimpse of reality before i fell out of consciousness
i had to end it, couldnt handle more of this loneliness
should i pretend to be happy? i choose to go blind
no more of this ill just run away and hide

unconsciously, i cried...
unconsciously, i wept...
unconsciously, i had to end it...
deep down inside...
i had to die...

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