Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poetic Ramblings #1

once more i scribble
few more hours before i wake
to dance once with someone else's music
the one i ought to not
but who am i to disrespect
they ought for me to give them one
just a man without a sword
prepared to battle unarmed
the unpassive when supposed to be the opposite
who rides the waves and not to fight
remains standed when everyone else is attacking
remains at ease when all is stiff
they mold me to be unmolded
for once i am awakened
the truth about it all, be educated
i write with my right
but not what they believe is right
i hold only my right
with full might, but to be silenced once more
look at them, i pity them, i pity myself
im the only one shouting when everyone else is silenced
and in my soltitude i find peace
behind my four walls i beg peace
the lover, the dreamer i sleep
but again to be awakened by the cries
the cries of my brothers
your brothers who needs the light
the light in the dark
the fire in the cold
the dreams of the asleep
awake, arise, do your right
stand by me, lets fight...

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