Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poetic Ramblings #2

Stress... she's a killer
and inch by inch i start to feel her
creeping, leering, she starts to peel
and every moment i start to feel
hear me, i beg you please
do me a favor and put me at ease
i pray that the madness turn into peace
before i start to fall piece by piece
look at them, listen
they say value life
while they sell vice
one by one they start to fall
minute after minute all we can do is stall
we have time my friend
but it is stolen
just like what happened to our brothers that have fallen
hold back brother, dont go with them
let me be the one that remains swollen
close your eyes, close them tight
i fought the fight and lost my right
words are not to be shaken
but the man remains bruised while awakened
sleep, close your eyes dont wake
let me do it until it quakes
until the ground shakes
until the glass breaks
ill do our fight until silence breaks
do your job, reap your rewards
leave it to the minor who is still at guard
oh yes, stress is a killer
the reaper, ill soon feel her
i need more time, but again its stolen
soon ill depart and join the fallen
take over brother, take my post
feel the pain and show it to our host
hold the weapon, then stab it to their hearts
let them know what we are feeling
until they stop the killing
then we will stop chilling
we are now one...

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