Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr. DJ on Relationships

Why do we get into a relationship? What are the reasons why we even think about being in one?

I've never really gotten my head around it until I got to talk to one of the guys who are in my lifegroup.
Getting into a relationship, I believe, is something, that shouldn't be played around with. You have two souls, two human beings, two hearts that will get into it, and without treading carefully, you'd be setting each other into a different path.

Why do we get in one? Is it primarily so that you could feel satisfied? Is it because you'd just want to try it? I believe that being in a relationship is PRIMARILY sharing who you are. Relationships, now that I'm in one, is something that I would say not a joke. It's hard, It's fragile, but in the end if you're in it for the right reasons, it's the best thing that could ever happen in one persons life. You, being you, sharing all that you are to the person you love, long to be with, from now till the sun sets in your lives. Whoever said that it's not always rainbows and butterflies? I'm in probably one of the hardest relationship that one could endure, being in a long distance kind, but still enjoying it like opening a present, as a 6 year old kid, during Christmas morning. Everyday, ever since that fateful day, has always been special. All of them, a cause for celebration.

Reasons, do we need them before we get into one? Yes, I would say that everyone needs a reason when they jump into this ship that should hold a one way trip to forever. First of all, I think one shouldn't get in one unless they're in love. And not that kind of love that could be justified, It's that kind of love that you couldn't even put a finger on where it began, where it came from, or how it all happened. It's not something you learn while being in a relationship, I think, It's something that you find out as you get along with not being in one. It's that kind that you make you ask yourself if that's basically it. It's the one that transforms men to poets. It's the one that keeps you up all night. Yes, if that's what you're feeling then go on... jump on it. Risk it. I did... Took that 1% chance and, Iv'e never been more happier than I could ever be.

Second, I think everyone that's in it, should be thinking that they just want to share who they are to this person. Be who they are, without reserve, without any kind of pretensions, something that you can boast of for the right reasons. This kind of boasting is not the one that would make you feel all pompous and like a champ, I'm pertaining to that kind of boasting that would make you look more of a loser than a champ but still wouldn't care. It's something that you wouldn't ask in return, It's something that makes you to just want to give your time and not ask for anything back. It's something that you even feel the pleasure of going out of your way to go an extra mile with giving.

Reason that you can just see forever in this persons eyes...

Next question would be when. When you know you could step into forever. When you know you could put your foot down and stick with these things. When you know that you're happy by yourself, that you can finally pour yourself, without any kind of hang ups, to the other. When you just feel like you know. I guess, you'll know it, when you know.

For long have I walked around by myself. For long have I always thought that I'd never be happy alone. And right when I found happiness, by myself, satisfied and enjoying my completeness... That's when I found that very same person, that I've thought I'd never be happy without. I hope by reading this, you'd get to share yourself as you instead of sucking the life out of another person.

and since I'm a follower of Christ.

For me, the right reason that you'd want to think when getting into a relationship would be to glorify God in that. Get in one if you feel that you'd be doing what's pleasing unto Him, who has given all things. Just like our motto from my alma mater...

That in all things, God may be glorified.

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