Friday, September 03, 2010

End All, Be All (Psalms 51:12)

What has been the primary motivator or the hook that fished you out of the waters? Provision? Promise for a posh life? No worries? Peace of mind? Comfort? Assurance that everything will be ok? or something else?

Many, including me, has succumbed to these things that would draw me into loving Christ, or have thought of loving Christ. I have always been dreaming of a posh life somewhere on my high rise condo, with my shiny white car that would get me around the metro. That was what I've always been thinking of since I've been fed with things that would make me think of these, never have I considered myself as someone who was hooked because of salvation, until now.

One prayer, one cry of a king, one particular verse in Psalms 51 claims that very conviction that I have now. That particular verse in Psalms 51 has become my rock and brings me comfort that it is because of that, that I love Jesus above all.

Restore me to the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. (Psalms 51:12 ESV)
What is that very hook that has effectively drawn us out of the waters that we were in? A comfortable life? or a satisfied life resulted by the joy of our salvation?

First, I guess we have to have a firm grip of understanding of what salvation is. Salvation, as what it pertains to in the Bible, never have signified or pinpointed on something of luscious living of overflowing abundance of blessings, some would experience them, some wouldn't, I'm not saying it's bad, all I'm saying is that is it our source of joy?

This prayer of King David, who cries out for his restoration to this joy of salvation made me realize that salvation itself is joy. Salvation in the sense of your heart is changed (upheld with a willing spirit to love and obey Jesus' commandments) without you knowing. Salvation in the sense that what you disliked before is what you love doing now. Salvation in a sense that you totally see this change in your heart and would never want to be away from this particular feeling. Salvation in a sense that you could live out with this and this alone. This Salvation, of what the Bible says, in John 3:16, wherein God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that who shall ever believe in Him (Jesus) shall never perish and have eternal life.

This Salvation is the very gift of God for us. Something we didn't deserve, and something His Son, Jesus Christ, didn't deserve to take but presented himself willingly because of His great love for us (Eph 2:4). This new life (Col 2:13-14, Eph 2:5, Gal 2:20), that Christ willingly granted us through His resurrection is the very joy that I'm totally grateful of. That the very evidence of His love towards me, is that I love Him in return. For I could never love Him without first experiencing His love for me.

This gives me comfort that everything else in the Bible says is true. That everything will turn out to be good even if things are already bad (Col 1:15-17, Rom 8:28). That I will be preserved, and be called blameless and righteous before Him (Phil 1:6, Eph 1:4-5).

Jesus, for me, is enough. More than what the world could offer me, I'm already fine with this joy of salvation, with Him giving me a willing spirit. For in turn, as I would believe, whatever He wills for me, I know it would be good.

And this for me, has always been the end all, be all reason for living. That this joy should be experienced by all. 

My Prayer to you guys.

I pray that you would also get to learn about this beautiful salvation. I pray that you would experience His love when you wake up one morning with a sudden change of view upon everything. I pray that you would get to see what great love the Creator of everything that you see has for you. 

I pray for those who are in the gutter be restored to their joy of salvation. I pray that they would be reminded of this great love that Jesus has for us. I would also ask that He would send someone to you for these things.


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