Wednesday, February 10, 2010

161 lbs: Call for Change

Now that I'm clocked in at 161 lbs and almost everything is trimmed down from where I was when we started. Too bad I didn't take a picture of myself when I began to showcase where I am right now. Maybe Men's Health Phils should check me out haha.

Anyway, here's my current workout schedule on top of my daily 30-35 min brisk walking from work and coming home.

Monday - Basketball
Tuesday - Boxing
Wednesday - Boxing
Thursday - Boxing
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Basketball
Sunday - Rest

Everything is trimmed down. My weight went down from 178 or 180lbs to where I am now... at 161lbs. Everything is great, I feel light, and the buttons on my shirts aren't popping out. Despite those changes, I'm still not satisfied. I still have these flabs around me. This is why at this point I'm adding a little more body weight lifting in my regiment. Operation Sculpting is now in effect.

Mornings would begin with my usual 5 min ab-workout that includes:

1 minute front planks
1 minute right side plank
1 minute left side plank
1 minute crunches
1 minute reverse crunches

I'm adding 3 sets of 12 rep push ups with 30 sec rest period in between sets. This will help me build some muscle mass to help me eat up the remaining flabs I have on me.

On top of that I'm adding 3 sets of 15 rep squats with 30 sec rest period in between sets too. This would also help me out with burning more calories and start the day right.

Before the day ends I'll repeat a lighter set of that ab work out that instead of 1 minute of each, I'll just do 30-40 seconds of each. Pushups would still be there along with the squats. These would happen after the workouts.

Since we're in operation sculpting, I'm looking to change my weekly workout routine to this.

Monday - Basketball
Tuesday - Boxing
Wednesday - Swimming
Thursday - Boxing
Friday - Rest
Saturday AM - Weight Lifting
Saturday PM - Basketball
Sunday PM - Weight Lifting

I'm not sure yet if i'm going to enroll myself in a gym (per session base) or just stick with my weights at home and body weight lifting.

My diet would still be intact. With a little of 2 months left before my summer season begins, I'm looking forward to at least trim out the belly that I've carried on me since my youth. Let's see how things would go with this new workout plan.

Suit Down!

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