Tuesday, February 16, 2010

F*ck You Kerr

This is why I hate Steve Kerr.

Since the dawn of time (or at least I got to understand basketball). I've always followed the Phoenix Suns. For those of you who don't know who the Suns are, they're the team that reinvented the Run & Gun style of play within this decade. They're the team that had good highs and super bad lows. They're the franchise that held players like Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, the bad version of Anfernee Hardaway, Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudemire, the good version of Shawn Marion, and apparently John "Hot Rod" Williams throughout history. Even with those host of names, they didn't get far through the post season.

For the last 3 years, the Suns have experienced some kind of success after going for another run with Steve Nash, who bagged back-2-back MVP awards during his return in Phoenix.

Now picture this for me. For those seasons, the Suns had "Eyes on the Prize" going on their huge screen in their arena connoting their dream of bagging the championship (this is before the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol for a box of Skittles). Everyone is fired up for the Suns finally bagging an NBA title since the previous season almost pushed us through. This is when the Suns was the #1 team in the West. During the 2005 NBA Playoffs we saw the Suns surge past Memphis and Dallas only to be beaten by the eventual Champions, the Spurs 4 games to 1 in the Western Conference Finals. The following year had the Suns surge through another tough post season after beating the Lakers in 7, the Clippers in 7 and only to lose against the team that I hate most... the Dallas Mavericks in 6.

Those years would've been perfect for the Suns. They wouldve had the Pistons in 2005 and the Heat in 2006. In 2007, the Suns had another good run in the post season after going an easy round with the Lakers in 5 games but bowing down against the Spurs in 6. And in 2008, we saw Boston beef their roster up when they added KG and Ray Allen and the Lakers went for Pau Gasol for a bullshit trade that involved Kwame Brown. The Suns got Shaq that year by the way and from there on... everything went south. I won't even start with the bullshit move that made Terry Porter last seasons head coach. The guy couldn't even get a decent run as the coach of Milwaukee for crying out loud.

No more title dreams for this team. No more hopes, heck the transactions after that year didn't even matter. This season the Suns manage to strengthen their roster while adding Earl Clark and Taylor Griffin from the draft, signing Channing Frye and Jarron Collins. These are the names that you would want to see to believe that your team is going for a championship. We gave away Shaq to Cleveland for Pavlovic and Big Ben who didn't even see the light of day with the team. And now, the Suns are busy looking for a shitty deal to see Amar'e Stoudemire out their locker room.

I mean cmon!!! I don't know what this management is doing with this franchise. Usually when teams blow it up, they blow it up, going for draft picks and young pieces. The Suns? They're looking for a f*cking money relief with their trades! We don't have 1st round picks next year because they gave it away along with Kurt Thomas to OKC for money. We just acquired Minesottas 2nd round pick this year by trading away Alando Tucker to them for Hart and that pick. Is Kerr even looking forward for the future?

Anyway, since I'm not looking forward for any post season success for the Suns this year, I won't even care who wins. Actually I do, as long as it aint Cleveland or Dallas. So I'll end my rant with this... Steve Kerr's transactions and acquisitions during his tenure as the Suns GM. Facts and images courtesy of the Bright Side of the Sun.

2007 Draft

2007 FA Signings

2007 Transactions

  • Traded Kurt Thomas and 2008, 2010 1st round draft picks to Seattle (OKC) for future second round pick and cash

2008 Transactions

2008 Draft

2008 FA Signings

2008 Transactions


During Season

  • Fired Terry Porter, named Alvin Gentry head coach
  • Signed Strowmile Swift


  • Signed Channing Frye
  • Re-Signed Grant Hill
  • Extended Steve Nash
  • Signed Jarron Collins

2009 Draft

2009-2010 Season

  • Traded Alando Tucker, a second round pick and cash to Minnesota for Jason Hart (waived)
  • Signed Jarron Collins for the rest of the season

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