Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Rule of Two (The Wingman Philosophy)

The Rule of Two, what is it? What does it had to do with Project Sexy Beast? Uhm, I don't know... I thought it would just be cool to name out something... NO! In fact, it has everything to do with it.

The Project Sexy Beast is something that no man can do alone. You must need someone to bring along the ride with you. This is a challenging challenge right off the bat, so you need to dare and challenge someone to have this challenge challenged! You need a partner, a sidearm, a sidekick, a wingman. Off the annals of history, right before Lapu-Lapu defended the shores of the country against foreign objects, The Rule of Two was written.

Men, by nature, needs to be challenged, motivated, pushed… or be proven right. The Rule of Two is designed to do that very thing, and like what was said about 100 or so letters before this one, going through Project Sexy Beast needs this rule, The Rule of Two.

Project Sexy Beast is like life, in fact… Project Sexy Beast (or what henceforth be known as PSB) is life itself. It breathes by itself, it has its own identity, it is an entity on its own and that should be carefully treaded on. That being said, no one goes through PSB alone. Going through PSB alone would mean compromise every step of the way, it means that you’ll have a cheat day… PSB doesn’t have cheat days, PSB doesn’t have compromise written on its vocabulary, PSB lives and breathes as a dictator for your success and awesomeness to become THE Sexy Beast yourself.

The Rule of Two, is just simple. The Rule of Two’s gist is to have someone go through PSB together. This ensures that the two of you are going through the same thing together. Like I said, PSB is a tough nut to crack, it’s strict, and it deprives you of life’s pleasure, using your taste buds. With this rule applied, you will make sure the 10 commandments of PSB is followed especially the 9th (do not covet your neighbors food). This person should be as serious as you are and you should be as serious as the other person is. This is a partnership, a fellowship, a Jedi and Padawan… or it’s more of a Sith Lord and an Apprentice. Since PSB has an agreed deadline and goal… at the end of it all, there shall only be one Sexy Beast.

There’s no known directive or guidelines on how The Rule of Two is applied, all throughout history, The Rule of Two is unique in every application. In some occasions the rule is applied with a big bet along with it, in this way, the Sexy Beast will not only acquire the title, but have gained a prize for him/herself too. There are also known occasions that the rule is applied with morbidity having one kill another for the title (since there shall only be one in the end). This was written in the annals of what is beyond this world, in fact it’s from a galaxy far far away. A person who was formerly known as Anakin Skywalker killed the Sexy Beast of their time who was known as Palpatine who is also known as Sidious. Sidious did this with his master Plagueis too. The rule was also applied during the time of Maverick and Goose where Maverick made Goose appear to have met an accident during an exercise fly around the gulf. Goose never reached back the Aircraft Carrier alive, Maverick in the end challenged another Sexy Beast of another group who was called IceMan. PSB and the application of this rule goes hand in hand, it also consumes you as you go through the path of Sexy Beastdom, so I advice to tread carefully.
I will leave you with the guidelines of The Rule of Two.
Guidelines for The Rule of Two
1. The rule of two is bound upon the timeline and goals set under the article of the PSB guidelines.
2. There shall only be two people involved under the rule of two.
3. The two people that are involved in this agreement should be going through PSB at the same time with agreed goals and timelines.
4. You can be creative on what agreements that will befall between two parties with the application of this rule.
5. The rules that were agreed upon should be followed strictly and should have punishments ready for the failing party of the rule.
6. Honesty is vital.
7. Any party that is guilty of holding out the truth should be punished accordingly.
8. Any side bets made outside the rule of two is allowed for extra motivation.
9. Be careful of the other party for this rule will really bring out the worst of any person. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
10. In the end of the PSB’s timeline… there shall only be one.
Good luck! Stay Healthy! Stay Sexy!

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