Thursday, March 25, 2010


one night I prayed
for everything to be layed
that if it's not for me
would He just let it be

I could only take so much
It's already hard without her touch
I thought things would pick up a notch
only to be brought down as such

That night I prayed
the next day things were said
I thought there's something there
it felt good, I layed it all bare

Impatient, maybe
But things were needed to be
So that you and I could see
That, I truly love thee

But now I think I understand
where both of us chose to stand
we're not on the same land
our hearts, yours and mine can't seem to blend

I just have to make peace with reality
For there's nothing more to wait and see
Now I'll just have to pray for thee
Like me, I would like you to be free


While checking my notebook of drafts and unfinished poems, I happen to pass by this particular one, re-read it and checked it out.

I'm usually a fan of my own work, but a bit meh on the 2nd to the last stanza. But whatever haha... At least it got it's own resolve.

Hope you like it!


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