Thursday, March 04, 2010

Edge of Twenty Four

Technically we're way past the edge of 24 but just for traditions sake, let's push through with this. I'm already looking at the dawn of 25 but what the heck.

What can I say about 24? It really had alot of ups and downs for me. Well lets recollect what happened during the past year.

After a depressing end with my tenure with my old job, I left them on the same week of my birthday last year to head on to my new family here at Theorem. I could never ask for a better decision on my part. Even when I took a cut on pay, I can't replace the warm acceptance that my new family gave me. They didn't just give me a new job, or a new purpose, they gave me a bigger room to grow and improve myself both as a professional and a person. I can't believe that it's already been a year with the guys... to them I raise my glass.

To my life group, who is sharing my journey in knowing Christ with me, here's a toast for you. For the past few years I've been losing meaning and purpose in walking in this wonderful planet. I've known and found my purpose in God and in the same way lost my way as trials came in. I could never ask for anyone else but my group of friends in southcity church who keeps on holding my head up high when I can't carry em anymore. To the Monday Night Ball peeps, my Friday Night Lifegroup, to the Holy Band of Sausages! I raise my glass with you... you guys are the Jack Bauer on my 24.

To my dear friend... I could never ask for anyone to love, and wouldn't regret any decision I made this year. I've never felt anything for anyone but with you. You were the Robin to this Ted... But we all know that even good things has to end. Things were broken, but they'll eventually heal. People hurt, but will eventually understand. Thank you for being there, thank you for being a big part of my journey. Thank you for staying you. Even if things didn't end up great with us (too bad for you hahaha) well we eventually did end up as awesome friends didn't we? So in the end nobody lost. You're still that girl that got away hehe... 24 peaked at the right time, climaxed at the most climactic fashion (what?) and yeah... I meant every single word that I said. Broken but healed, some things just needs to be ended right... and here's a glass raised for being awesome friends! *cheers*

To my family. I love you guys! I wouldn't exchange you guys even for being Heff's number 2 guy. You guys are the best! Mom and Dad, you're the best parents/friends that a busno could ever have. My Kuya's and Ate... I could never ask for anyone to guide me with my decisions than you. I'm a better man because of you guys. You're the people I really look up to, and hope to become as well. Thanks for everything, and most of all giving me a space on your condo! Loving it here!

To what lies ahead. All I can say to what lies ahead is... are you ready for Marco DJ v2.0?
Marco lite (now with less fat)
THE Sexy Beast himself (not quite yet)
Are you ready?

So here it goes... taking the last steps in being 24 and jumping on to apparently-not-my-quarter-life 25.

3...2...1... *poof*

PS: Thanks for greeting me first! by doing that you already made a blast out of my birthday!

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