Monday, January 18, 2010

Project Sexy Beast VLOG's Day 1 & 2

Like I said, I'll try to bring you guys along (if you're interested) to my day to day stuff while I'm going through this Project. You'll see more stuff that I do when I get time to edit them. There are more stuff than just VLOGs.

I also took shots of our basketball training last week, and what I was going through while my friends were eating cupcakes and burgers right in front of me. Hah! Anyway I'm seriously going to push through with this and these are just some of the videos that I took.

I'm already in Day 4... and so far 4 lbs closer to our goal by the end of March 2010. Continue cheering me on guys! I need encouragement!

Here are my VLOG's of Project SB.

Day 1 (1/15/2010)

Day 2 (1/16/2010)

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