Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 5: Project S.B.

Day 5: 1/19/2010

So this is day 5 of our Project S.B.

So here’s the charts of what was eaten and done during the day.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs/Tuna/Whole Wheat Bread
Lunch: Mediterranean Chicken Sandwhich from Olivers (a half of it)
3 pm Snack: the other half of the Sandwhich
Activity: 45 Minutes of Swimming
Dinner: 2pcs Whole Wheat Bread w/ Cream Cheese and Banana

I also passed by the boxing gym that day and finally enrolled. So today (1/20/2010) I’ll start looking out for gears that I could use for boxing. Wraps and Gloves. They’re selling gloves over there in the gym for 2 grand. I guess I can manage to get some there if I don’t see any Everlast brands in Toby’s later.

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