Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 9: >170 and the Daily Dose

Day 9 (1/23/2010)

I weighed in yesterday morning at our weighing scale here at home... this scale tagged me as 178 just last Saturday... since the pointer was near 180... I'm pretty sure it's about that.

The awesome thing was... yesterday when I weighed in... It was behind the 170 line!

Detailing what I ate the entire day.

Breakfast: Small serving of rice, scrambled eggs, spanish sardines
Lunch: Beans, Beefsteak (didn't eat that much)
Snacks: Bananas, Wheat Bread/Spanish Sardines, Small serving of Spaghetti
Activity: Basketball
Dinner: Banana!!!!

Day 9: Morning Gladness (After seeing the dial go behind the 170 line)

Day 9: Vlog

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