Thursday, January 14, 2010


One thing that my new job skills taught me is how to manage risks.

With any initiative, there are always risks attached, and for every project that’s something that you would want to avoid. So one thing that I do is to assess with my team what kind of risks are to be faced during the projects development duration.

Now, once these risks are seen, time for the team to see what to do when these risks suddenly shows up in your face. In this way you’re prepared when shit happens… and eventually you know that shit always happens… the only way that it wouldn’t be as shitty as it should be is if you’re prepared with tissue papers and diapers.

Anyway, with my latest adventure went into shambles, and like a good project manager, I’ve already set myself for that crash and would really help me get through this well.

Next Week: Boxing Class — I’m going to get to it again. Just a block away from my condo, this sounds doable. Emotional baggage is one hell of a burden to carry, what better way to throw it out by tiring yourself to death and throwing punches on bags and mitts!

March: Family Trip to Cebu — This vacation week I’m heading to Cebu with my family. All my cousins would be there, fun sun and beaches.

April: A Probable Palawan trip with my homes — Pristine beaches, Clear waters… and marine life to throw your cares away.

May: A Probable Boracay trip with friends — Fun, sun, sand, beaches and good company.

A Probable HK trip with my family and another one with friends.

This year is going to be packed with work, tons of it, and fun… tons of it.

So this is a start for something new. Skeletons cleared out, questions (for me) finally answered. And just like what my bwoi Jigga would say… Ontothenextone!!!

as my bwoi Barney Stinson would say…

When I feel bad… I stop feeling bad and be awesome instead. True Story.

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