Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 13: Post 9 Rounds.

After a 2 day back-to-back boxing training. I'm pooped, exhausted and fatigued. I slept at around 8:30 pm and never looked back.

Even right now as I type this blog, I still feel tired.

Anyway here's the log of Day 13.

Weighed in the morning (as seen in my previous VLOG) Wii Fit clocked me in at 168.5 lbs.

Ate wheat bread for breakfast

Ate fish and a few rice for lunch

Snacked on a bitesize dark chocolate Toblerone, Banana and a pack of Sky Flakes.

Veggies for Dinner.

It's all worth it. Because when I weighed in this morning (1/28/2010) Wii Fit clocked me in at 167 lbs. All worth it!!!!

Pushing it for glory! Woohoo!

Today I might opt to just go for a few laps in the swimming pool... or I might just box it out again, we'll know later. See ya!

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