Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 6: The boxing gym and the vlog

Day 6 was a bad day in terms of diet.

We had a whole day meeting with a very generous and hospitable client. If it was any other day I would've loved them very much!

So I had 4 slices of wheat bread for breakfast, tea and water (loads of em).
Sometimes I can't imagine how much water I chug down in 1 entire day.

And right when I arrived at the clients meeting room... Jollibee greeted us good morning.
It was a Regular Yum (TLC) regular fries and regular coke. Though I ate the burger and fries... I didn't get to chug down the drink.

Lunch arrived and it was a thin slice of, what I think a poorly cooked, T-Bone steak. Didn't eat that much of the steak and didn't get to eat that much rice.

So the meeting pushed through and a few more hours later... mid-day snacks arrived... and it was a Brothers Burger. I ate it. To much dismay... I ate it.

I wrapped the day up inside the boxing gym. Pushing myself for 6 rounds! with alot of running and sweating in between.

Ate veggies for dinner (with balsamic vinegar as dressing... yum.) with tomatoes and hardboiled eggs.

So that wraps up Day 6!

weighed myself at 6:00am this morning (1/21/2010) on the Wii Fit board, and I didn't gain nor lose a pound... Could've been better... could've been worse.
The 6am Weigh In

The Boxing Gym

The Wrap Up

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