Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prison Break

We all have those places that we would like to run to in order for us to run away (for the meantime) from the burdens that we carry on a day to day basis. I think there's just those days that you need to get away from them, there are days that you just have to stop thinking about anything or everything at the moment. We need that place where we can take a break from prison.

Prison, to me, is something that most of us call reality. I just think it's sad to call everything a reality, it beats the purpose. I just find it weird how we could update our status to 'back to the real world' after coming from a vacation. For me it's the other way around... It's more of a prison. We do time, and that time is needed to be done. Knowing that the routine you're in is considered to be a prison, you know that there's something that you need to get out from, there's something that you need to be done.

With that defined, we all need to take a break from our prison cells. We all need to have that place of escape where you feel free. And mine would be the basketball courts. Surrounded by your friends doing the same thing that you all love to do... It's just perfect. Good game or bad game, you're away. And I just think it's awesome that we always schedule our games during Monday nights. In that way you get to anticipate something while having the Monday blues. After joining the group and being a regular Monday Night Baller, I anticipate Mondays... that just says alot for all you working peeps out there.

I hope everyone has theirs. Golf course, badminton courts, the streets to run with, or your own room where you can do your own stuff. All I'm saying is... take a break every once in a while. Keep your sanity and stop calling everything you dislike 'the real world'.

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