Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 7: 6 more rounds!

Day 7.

After a tough day 6, I thought I'd get back to my usual diet on Day 7.

Little did I know the office served up lunch (Buddy's Pansit Canton and Pork Barbeque).
I had a few Pansit and 1 stick of BBQ. Small serving of spag in the afternoon to set the pace.

I brisk walked myself from the office (taking the stairs from the 10th floor down) to the condo (a good 30 minute walk) and changed quickly to head off to the gym.

Worked myself to another 6 rounds of boxing and gruelling core-workout.

Went home to eat a banana, drowned myself in water, a pinch of fish, and a few greens with cucumber to wrap the day up.

To sum it all up... I feel exhausted. Perfect for my rest day today.

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