Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 12: 9 more rounds of Boxing

Day 10 was a Sunday rest. Diet was still intact with some compromise. It's just hard when I'm in my parents house, home-cooking is just that awesome. Good thing in the condo I have my wheat bread, bananas and salad.

Day 12 was my Monday Basketball day. Went to work and had a good egg breakfast with tuna. We went to the client that served us pansit and chiz whiz'd sandwhich. Played ball then ate KangKong and Beef Siomai in Chowking (bad move...)

Day 13, Tuesday and that meant Boxing day. At work I just had a sandwhich for lunch and a bagel for my usual 3/4PM snack. Went to the gym around 5:40ish and went for 9 rounds of boxing! Awesome awesome. Core workout was tough with the medicine ball... my trainer rolls that ball on my belly hard! let's me harden up my core and rolls it there hard! haha anyway here are my vlogs for the day... and my weigh in this morning.

Day 12: 1/26/2010

Day 13: 1/27/2010 6am Weigh in


Ronnie said...

congrats! cute nyan ha. ano yang gmit mong pa wiegh?

Marco de Jesus said...

Wii Fit bro! hahaa...
pero pareho na din sila ng na clock na weight nung weighing scale ko sa bahay.. so i guess pareho na sila.