Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My First Love

All of a sudden. Music is once as it was. I can appreciate songs as it is supposed to be appreciated, a brilliant mix of music and lyrics, a proof of human capability of having brilliant minds.

For long songs spoke to me as messages from outside my world tries to penetrate my thoughts, giving me a lingering hope that this should and this could. But for what it is, these songs, aren't my thoughts. They're owned by the ones who made it. I could just probably sit beside and relate with it, but should never call it my own. Those songs are theirs, their hearts being poured out for the world, or maybe for that one person who holds their worlds, and within that moment... they're free.

I found that the most liberating feeling in the world. Having to say anything that goes inside your thoughts that stir up mad emotions that somehow takes control of your being. This is why I write my poems, my blogs... heck... this is the main reason why I even try to write.

And now, in a way I have sung that beat that my heart made for years for the world to hear. In my case the person that somehow held my world to hear. I held nothing back and somehow liberated me. This time I know that the message of this song (figuratively speaking) was heard right. No mixed messages, no pronouns that could be directed to anybody else... Everything was about you and you alone...

And at that moment... I was freed.

Songs is as they are again, somebody's broken heart transformed to everyone's enjoyment. Somebody's crammed up thoughts transformed into tunes that you could bob your head while driving. Songs are again a mixture of music and lyrics and not something that would take control of me even as it speaks of something that is of me.

And with my guitar strings changed, maybe I could make one for myself.

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