Thursday, January 28, 2010

The New Workout Plan

Alot of people that I know are already asking what I'm doing that made me strip off with the fats that hugged me all my life.
I guess it's starting to show and I can't deny... I'm loving the attention! haha.

Well here's the update... Before I started this, I weighed in at around 175-178 lbs.
Size 36 pants were the norm for me, and my stomach sticks out like a sore thumb on every clothes that I wear. The medium shirt that my mom bought me for Christmas almost popped when I tried it on. In short... I was chunky.

After 2 weeks (currently on Day 14) Size 36 needs about 8 belt holes to keep the pants on. The shirt my mom gave me suddenly fits me. And my stomach that hugged me since I was a kid is starting to say bye bye. In short... I'm no more chunky. Now people ask me... "What are you doing?" to which I answer... ALOT!

I've always wanted to reach my target weight which is between 150 - 160 lbs. This year I just started to push myself to reach 160 by the end of my birthday month, which is March. So that should be a clue for you guys... if you're going to get me something (nudge nudge wink wink). To spice it up, I made a bet with a few friends. If I reach this goal... I might get a new shirt from either Topman or Zara and Board shorts from Billabong (I'll definitely going to need a new one now that my old ones are coming off as I swim). If I lose these bets, I'm going to get a friend new shades from Charles and Keith, her choice, and treat someone to dinner in Outback. Now that's motivation for you. This is a bet that I CANT lose.

Now... to answer the question "what am I doing?" here's the workout plan.

Monday - Basketball
Tuesday - Boxing
Wednesday - Boxing
Thursday - Boxing
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Basketball
Sunday - Rest

Now that's on top of my usual 30-45 minute walks from the condo to the office during workdays. And of course, you can't go on with losing that much weight if you're not following a strict diet. Here's the 10 commandments I gave myself.

1. There Shall be no other meat besides White (Chicken and Fish)
2. Honor your Fruits and Vegetables
3. Thou Shall Not eat anything Oily
4. Thou Shall Not eat anything Fried
5. Thou Shall Not eat anything high in Sodium
6. Thou Shall Not eat anything high in Sugar
7. Thou Shall not drink sodas and juice
8. Thou Shall avoid fast foods
9. Thou Shall not covet your neighbors food
10. Thou Shall not have any meals after 7pm

These commandments are strictly followed unless compromise is really needed. There are no other choices and you are already starving, yes I will rather eat what is not allowed than starve. Starving is still a no-no. Like right now, I'm in a meeting in a client and SBC Ensymada is served for snacks. Even if it's filled up with butter, cheese and everything that is not allowed, I'd still eat some because they gave it to me.

My usual meal intake are seen on my (almost) daily VLOGs. You'll see that I only eat wheat bread for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, fruits/bagels for snacks and veggies for dinner. I take alot of water and banana in between since Banana's help alot to lessen your sodium.

I would also like to share my mentality when it comes to going against the commandments. I would like to introduce "1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back" Mentality. This is in ratio of my workout with my food intake. It's simple, write this down.

Whenever I work my butt off and sweat it out, It always equates to taking a step forward.
Whenever I compromise, even if it's just for a small serving, it would always equate to two steps backward.

This mentality always pushes me to workout more when I eat something that I shouldn't eat. I remember that day that I was in a client that served a Regular Yum for breakfast, T-Bone steak for lunch, and Brothers Burger for snacks. These meals are within 2 hours intervals. After our meeting, I went straight to the boxing gym and went for 6 rounds of boxing (2 more from the usual 4) then went for another 30 minute swim after. That's how guilty I feel whenever I compromise. Sometimes succumbing to these circumstances makes me want to cry. This is how dedicated I am to my goal (160 lbs by the end of March).

This plan has worked for me so far. It's giving me good results aswell. With alot of encouragement from your friends, painful results if you lost your bet motivation, and alot of discipline... you can probably get these results too.

Again, I began this program on the 15th of January 2010. Today, 28th of January 2010 marks my 14th day and I've already lost around 8 to 10 pounds. I started around with weight fluctuations between 175 and 178 lbs. I'm now carrying the weight of 167 (based on my weigh in this morning). 7 more pounds towards my goal of 160. And my friends, 160 is just a beginning... I still want to push to 150 lbs by the end of this year. I'm done being the chunky guy. Time for a change.

Additional Reminders:

Measure your waist line before you start.

Weigh yourself daily at the same time. (I do it before I eat breakfast usually around 6am)
By this way you can see how you're keeping up with the program.

Only have one mode of measurement. I use Wii Fit because you can easily see what your weight is compared to the weighing scale that usually hold small numbers and lines.

Be aware that you'll be burping and passing gas... ALOT!
This is, according to some reading, because of your stomach probably shrinking from its usual bloated state.

When you're hungry eat something.
We don't want to suffer from ulcer.

Stay safe, healthy and sexy!

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