Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today started out well... A good sleep, and woke up just in time to grab breakfast and get prepared before stepping out of the condo to get a cab to work.

Then... suddenly... rain started to fall...

cold air breezed in through the windows and sang a soothing lullaby that sent me packing up to dreamland for another 30 minutes.

It compromised my preparation, but then again, I'm just a 20 minute walk away from my office, I just didn't want to arrive all sweaty to work so I still get a cab every morning. This day was different... I stepped out of the condo at around 7:15 am and there's just no available taxi that was passing by.

I sucked it in and began to take little steps... starting from 1 and then taking the second until I got here. Accompanied by the drops of rain, I couldn't help but whip out my phone and just get this thing in pictures. Like I said in my previous blog... I miss my camera.

And so here I am... at work... trying to recollect my thoughts of the wet adventure (not really). And I'm really hoping we could also get tickets later for the first night of the new Harry Potter movie.

And also... where did I friggin put that umbrella?

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