Friday, July 24, 2009

Now that we're almost midway through the free agent signings and teams in the NBA are mostly done or wrapping up with their transactions, I'm still left with one question... "Where will AI be next season?"

It's just hard to see a player of Iverson's caliber not to be part of any team next year. But then again, it's also hard to see where he'll fit this coming season. I've browsed through the ideas of him joining the other teams, I just don't know where to fit his game.

Memphis thought about it and offered $5mill for 1 year, but that means that he'll be coming off the bench. This would certainly, and obviously halt the development of the Grizzlies young guards in Conley and OJ Mayo.

The Clippers also entertained the idea of bringing in AI... to sell tickets.

Most of these deals would also come with the stipulation that AI would come off the bench... Detroit tried it... AI ended his season early with a "bad back". Now I don't know if he'll ever sign for something like it.

As we go through the off-season... the question still remains... Where will AI be at the start of this season?

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