Monday, July 06, 2009

NBA - Offseason Beat

It's been a while since we've had this guys, and since we're experiencing one of the most busy offseason movement ever... why not talk about them right?

let's begin from the top

Shaquille O'Neal to Clevelend for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic

The Suns simply traded the monster they rejuvenated for their cause that didn't work... and got nothing but budget breathing space back, and I'm not quite sure how they're going to use it. The free agents are coming and going as we speak, and Ben Wallace haven't made a decision whether to retire or not. Pavlovic may be serviceable from the Phoenix bench, but this lineup is really depleted. I'm expecting another grim season for my Suns.

Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson to Orlando for Courtney Lee, Tony Battie, and Rafer Alston

This was a smart move for both teams. The Nets got a bright future in Lee and good role players in Alston and Battie. But with Harris already running the floor, I don't know if Alston could keep his mouth shut given that he's gonna come off the bench.

The Magic on the other hand gambled on Vince's old knees. This could make or break for them as Vince showed that he can still shoot outside, but... he's more of Half Man, Half Deteriorated right now... But we'll see. They gave a good prospect out and got another one in the form of Ryan Anderson who could really play the Orlando game. RAnderson can really shoot it outside, and if he's really someone who could bloom to a Troy Murphy? Dwight would love that hard rebounder and outside shooter with him any day.

Richard Jefferson to the Spurs for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto

Spurs may have another run for the title for them with the addition of Richard Jefferson. They didn't need Bruce Bowen, KT and Fabricio and they got a quality scorer back. With Pop's wits, RJ may be seeing alot of shots the way Roger Mason Jr did.

The Bucks on the other hand traded Oberto for Amir Johnson who may become a quality young stud off their bench (or starting). Nothing to expect from Milwaukee but they may create some fantasy players there.

Mike Miller, Randy Foye to the Wizards for Etan Thomas, Darius Songalia, Oleksiy Pecherov

One word... Quality.

The Wizards got two quality guys from Minesotta for a bag of... something else. Mike Miller and Randy Foye can help their team off the bench who already boasts of a lineup consisting Agent Zero Minutes, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. With the addition of the offensive guru, Flip Saunders... expect this team to give us a change we can believe in...

The Wolves on the other hand... seems to still have Kevin McHale running the show... 3 PG's on draft day and these guys? hmmmmm... If they're expiring contracts I'd understand.

Jamal Crawford to the Heat for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton.

The Golden State Warriors resolved their clogged up back court situation by sending away Jamal Crawford for... a couple of guards. Well I'm not seeing Law or Claxton suit up for Nelson this year... but the Hawks got a headache with Crawford. I'm interested on how disrupted their rotation would be.

Darko Milicic to the Knicks for Quentin Richardson.

A wise move for the Knicks here because... David Lee might move some place.

Zach Randolph to the Grizzlies for Quentin Richardson.

Time to experience some locker room chaos in Memphis.

Jason Kapono to the 76ers for Reggie Evans.

Sixers got a shooter... Raptors got a dude.

Ron Artest to the Lakers

This is something of a head scratcher, I liked how they used Trevor and I don't know how they'll handle Artests attitude. He's no Rodman because Dennis didn't take shots from MJ and Pip... Ron would take alot of questionable shots, more than Fisher will ever do, from Kobe and the others... And I don't know if it's wise for the Lakers to put a guy who took a hiatus from Basketball to pursue a rap career in LA. It's going to be a wild ride... but still, it's going to be entertaining come November.

Trevor Ariza to the Rockets

This is another headscratcher. Ariza thrived in LA because he had a Kobe Bryant to support. I don't know if Trevor would be a go to guy, but I'd still love him to prove me wrong. The guy has a great attitude (from what I see on tv) and would love him to be big. Houston could be that place for him...

Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to the Pistons

The Pistons are rebuilding and they got these guys. Ben Gordon who basically doesn't have any idea what a friggin assist is and Charlie Villanueva who's game is so inconsistent it's always a gamble on playing him on your fantasy team.

I really don't know how Rip, Ben Gordon and Stuckey could work together... but then again the league hasn't started yet and this could still change...

Hedo Turkoglu to the Raptors

The Magic would surely miss this guy but he did demand alot for what he's capable of doing. The Raptors gave him that. This is a move to keep Bosh thinking if staying in Toronto would work in the next few years. Given that Marion could still sign for them, T-dot may make a run for the playoffs this year...

All I know is that under Bryan Colangelo... they won't have to fear in building a team. That guy knows alot when it comes to those.

Rasheed Wallace to the Celtics

Well leprechaun fans... Sheed gives the Celtics another chance to run at that title. Boston has become the last chance hotel for these kind of stars that had PJ Brown kiss that ring 2 seasons ago. Well Sheed has a chance for his 2nd here in Boston... damn. Time for Perk to say goodbye to them minutes.

Still wished he had gone to Orlando.

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