Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing the Hobby

One thing that makes me envy other photography hobbyist around is the opportunities they get around their backyard.

Some of my contacts in Flickr would post the San Francisco bridge on a foggy night with a full moon to boot, or a small water fall thats on their creek that's just around the corner of their house. These guys can just get up, grab their cameras and move in to make gorgeous pictures.

I, on the other hand, is struggling to find shots that's just outside my yard. I have a river that's oozing with trash because of the inconsiderate people living near it. With cluttered houses, there's just not much there. I have to travel for miles to get something going.

One of the things that I usually go for are landscapes. As you can see, most of my Flickr posts would have these on. I also love to get the grungy architectures that our old churches here in the Philippines would give, I'd love to have those on black and white too.

Hehe... but then again, most photographers would just make something ordinary... interesting...
Sometimes I just wish I can do that in a jiffy...

But with all things said and done... I think I'm just missing my camera. He's just there sitting right beside my monitor at home. I think I'm going to take him out this Friday and Saturday.

Some of my shots of Baclayon Church in Bohol and Chocolate Hills

chocolate hills

Bell Tower 2

Bell Tower Worms Eye

Baclayon Church Bell Tower

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