Friday, July 10, 2009

Cold Arizona Summer

The current NBA Off-Season is turning out to be a mad one. The names that are being moved from one franchise to another is crazy. They range from the Kirk Humphries to the Ron Artest's to the Vince Carter's and the Shawn Marion's.

A great deal of teams have greatly improved their stock with their current movements while the others, including my Phoenix Suns, inactivity simply baffles me.

Early this morning a deal concerning the move of Shawn Marion to the Dallas Mavericks is finalized which apparently broke my heart because, even if it was a long shot, I wanted him back in Phoenix. Now there are talks about the Jazz' Carlos Boozer is being shopped by the Bulls.

Which brings me to my question...

What the f*** is Steve Kerr doing?

Being a general manager, you should be looking after the success of the franchise, but soon after he sat down there replacing Mike D'Antoni (who replaced Bryan Colangelo) as the Suns GM, everything went downhill. One bad deal after another... one bad idea after another.

The Orlando Magic got Vince Carter, the Boston Celtics got Rasheed Wallace, the San Antonio Spurs got Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess, the Los Angeles Lakers got Ron Artest, and lastly... the Dallas Mavericks got Shawn Marion and possibly Marcin Gortat... while the Phoenix Suns got Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic and the 48th pick of next years draft (AWESOME!).

I know we're really steering into rebuilding this franchise but without picks next year, who happens to showcase John Wall, I don't know when I'll see this franchise climb up again that playoff spot.

The Phoenix Suns are looking into trading Amar'e Stoudemire but somehow no one is biting, we're still in possession of Steve Nash who's really not getting any younger, we're trying to hold on to Grant Hill who's basically at the final run of his career and a bunch of questionable young men named Alando Tucker, Robin Lopez and this years draft picks Earl Clark and Taylor "not Blake" Griffin.

Having those I'm looking into starting the season with this lineup that doesn't really make much sense. Steve Nash, Leandro Barbosa/Tucker/Richardson, Jason Richardson/Earl Clark, Louis Amundson, and Amar'e.

I just don't know how this lineup could get into the playoffs again, and having no picks... because we sent our UNPROTECTED pick to OKC next year along with Kurt Thomas for cash, there's just nothing to look forward to in the next 3 or more years.

The only thing that this franchise can boast of now is their secret fountain of youth that made Grant Hill and Shaq valuable assets once more. Maybe we could buy into that and get cheap could've-been-stars that seeks a second chance to revitalize their careers like Darius Miles who was recently waived by the Memphis Grizzlies. Make a way to get Yao and T-Mac to come over, see if we can reassemble Penny and give it a go like the kind of team the Celtics is assembling... at least do something for crying out loud.

Sometimes I wish I didn't like the Suns, sometimes I wish I wasn't a fan, but like it or not, I'm with them for the long haul, I just don't imagine myself not being one. I've been following them since Sir Charles led them to almost win a title, I followed them when they had Jason Kidd and Penny to lead the charge. I followed them down when Stephon Marbury brought them under and I followed them when Steve Nash made us believe again...

So... What is Steve Kerr doing?

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