Friday, July 17, 2009

For Tito

Today a very good man, who's kind in nature, a father to everyone, and a friend of all, gave up his spirit to be with our Creator. He'll be missed alot, he'll surely be remembered by all his family and friends. And for sure, he'll never leave the hearts of those he shared his life with.

Without leaving anything behind, I witnessed this man poured it all to his work, and to his family.

Helping people who are in need was part of his name, every landslide that involves miners, he was there to initiate rescue. He always said and showed love to his children, and how they grew up would be the very testimony of how he gave it. And lastly, he never stopped believing and loving God until the very end.

To that I raise my glass for my Tito. Who always surprised me with advices and always shared a warm hug. He who never stepped back when there are challenges, and he who showed and shared alot of love to his family. I thank you for that Tito Ernie...

There'll be a day when we'll all meet again... without pain, without sadness and mourning... there'll be a day for that... today I just want to thank you, and celebrate your life.


I'll miss you Tito Ernie... Journey on.
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