Thursday, May 20, 2004

What Seems To Boggle?

have you ever got up on a good nights rest and wonder alone in the dark? its a good night, had a tiring day, my eyes weary and heavy but it seems that something keeps me up all night. i know its a perfect time to rest, its cold outside and theres no one hear to bother... usually watching discovery channel helps. but it seems that the same routine tires sometime. even sting nor norah jones cant help me back under my bankets. what seems to boggle the dreamer to dream away? what seems to be the problem of closing my eyes and go back to dreamland where everything is perfect, where the things that i want to happen and the things that i want to do gets done? what seems to boggle? it seems that this long day would last. if only i could end this day with a nice one, or just a good yawn tommorow, or better yet a good yawn later. what keeps a tired man from his rest?

drank milk, counted sheeps
did my time, still no sleep
closing my eyes doesnt seem to help
moving from side to side doesnt seem to work
couldnt think what else would
if only i could just close my eyes again
and from there we will be together again
tired and weary...
and im waiting for this long day to end
help me dream, inspire me more
dont ever leave me troubled like this
a dreamer cannot be one with out one
leave me be
bring me back to where im fit for
leave me be
let me be a dreamer once more

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