Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Memoir #3 "Sick, Tired, Wasted, Bloated"

its 1:20 pm, and i just woke up from an after breakfast nap. im not feelin well and i feel that my head is all bloated and heavy... it fuckin hurts. my whole body's achin, and i got this sinus runnin... what the f*** si wrong with me? drowsy, everything heavy, including me of course. i couldnt laugh, i couldnt leave the bed for some reason. i dunno if this is the "malapit na school" jitters or i just miss her so bad. a couple of beers can lay me outta here, but wait i just remembered that im not much of a beer drinker so i gots no escape, im trapped here in this world where everything about to go wrong. wish i had a gun by my side so i could just blow all of em away. a second is all it takes to put a bullet in my head. a second more then im dead. get me outta here, get me outta here...

help me if you can
grab hold of something and reach my hand
pull me up if you can
im trapped here in nowhere land
quickly, get me outta here
sick and tired, begging you please
hand me a couple of beers
so i could snap and take away my leash
being dragged, being mugged
everything i believe in, dumped
stop me from retaliating
and it all starts with heavy breathing
will you take me if i die?
will you carry me from where i lie?
it all starts with one cry..
let it end, dont make me fry
im on my knees begging you
take me away from here

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