Saturday, May 22, 2004

And I Am But A Broken Man

born in a place where cruelty is just
where men do nothing but eat dust and cuss
every corner you find people see power and lust
and they tell us that they are just

ne'er will they see their people hunger
brother, they'll say they love you. dont bother
no longer, we trust them leaders who hunger
for power, they all the same, they never change
everyday, lie, cheat, steal and i say nay

born free, live free they tell me
fuck em, we no better than any g
let me do my thing, please let me be
let me eat, let me sleep
let not this be the future i seek.

i shout to you all up there, gimme back my trust
that was once firm and robust
instead of dissin some fools and cuss
you see a lot of people now hate your guts
why wont you just kill them and chew their nuts
coz thats where you are all alike, go home and rust
i hold a sign to nowhere or bust
either way i pity myself for livin here cuz

remember what happes today is same tomorrow
on a burrow these people live in sorrow
look at em please, please let em have something to munch on tomorrow

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