Friday, May 28, 2004

Memoir #5 "Last Weird Encounter"

have you ever dreamt about watching yourself sleep? well last night, i know i took a pee and when i got back i saw someone sleeping on my bed, and that someone was me, so i sat down and watched myself sleep. and when i woke up i saw myself in the same position as the one that i saw in my sleep. get it?

i told my gandma about this and you know how they explain weird stuff right? theyll say weird stuff abt it too... you know, "pamahiin". so she told me that maybe i got up to pee quick that i left my body sleeping. see? two weirds dont make 1 right. so if someone has a damn good explanation abt this please do... or im just paranoid or something haha.

anyway, yesterday, i went to school to reserve my subjects, and he just wrote my name on a piece of paper and thats it. unlike last year you have to go around signing papers and shit... then we went to CAP. there i saw the indiana and detroit game, the last minute was tough, it was neck to neck until indiana starts fouling rip hamilton, then detroit broke away. anyway, after a long wait, i finally got my check... and guess what, theyre only shoulderig the 57% of my tuition. damn! so my parents are paying for the other 43%. and thats big. what i dont understand is that they use to pay almost everything of my tuition, and now this? i dunno... somethings wrong abt it.

we ate lunch at kfc coz im craving for their gravy haha, the gravy is the reason why i chose kfc, and the chicken is second. :D. after lunch we bought pants, socks, shoes, everything i need for the next school year, i felt like a kid again. i miss shopping clothes for school. i got a nice pair of leather shoes, with the price? its gotta be good hah! oh and by the way? its a bass... i just have to say that :D.

and by the way? for all you soccer fans just a champions league final update, FC Porto won against AS Monaco, 3-0. for full details Click Here

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