Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Memoir #2 "Done For Today"

woah! i just noticed that its already 11:15 pm, damn time flies when ur workin on something. well i finished workn on the layout and some addons on this blog i hope yall like it. but on top of that i just got my sched this morning, and i have to say that the enrollment system has changed and it just took me 1 1/2 hours to finish step one to step 3, before it took me all day! and i finished step 4 before lunch break. its a good improvment on their part. its well organized this year, the adjustment routine should be changed coz it took me all day long to finish yesterday. anyway enough bout that i got to see some of my friends early this mornin, and damn i cant wait to go to class again, well back to my sched, its good and bad in a way, my sched from mon to thurs is 11 pm to 430 pm, its good in a way that i dont get to wake up early in the mornin, bad coz the traffic sux by that time. anyway thatll be it for today, ima hide under my blankies and dream abt trees :D

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