Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Memoir #4 "The Final Flight of The Wanderer"

well today it finally sunk into me that summer is about to end, although you can still feel the heat outside, its goin to end soon. im 1 week away from goin back to school. well i got some late plans with my friends, a tagaytay trip on june 2 helps me to start all over with my blockmates. its been a while since i last saw them and i know what theyll notice first. i know i gained some 10 pounds but i dont care, i think everybody did, at least somebody is still fatter than me. hah! anyway, thats a bit off topic dont you think? well im not yet officially enrolled and i fear that i lost my sched today, hopefully the registrar wont start bitchin around tommorow coz CAP doesnt have enough money to support them CAP scholars. they said theyll issue the check on june 2, its like wtf? man thats way too long, i might run out of subjs to enroll... can you bliv it? CAP ran out of dough?!? thats whack haha! i hope they wont go bankrupt coz they gotta pay me back what my parents paid them once i graduate next year! they hafta gimme my refund back :D

i went back to the gym coz i know, i gained pound or two? maybe more right here *shakes belly*. and i got a whole new soccer season way ahead of me next year. i need to get back to shape! anyway, im thinkin abt quittin man, with my heavy subjs and i still have to train? i dunno yet if ill retire early, but its a lot of work bein serious with studies and playin futbol. ill see if i can still mix them up. its kinda late workin out right?

anyway i just got home from the gym, and i got my whole body achin, so ill end this with a ... 3...2...1... *poof!!!*

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