Monday, May 24, 2004

Memoir #1 "Ready or not Here I Come"

just got home from advising for the school. and our dep head just said nothing but very good that im still a regular, a super regular student to be exact, hah... im just starting to make a name for myself, i hope i can make a name for the school im in though, i kinda need that "NAME". another friend of mine told me that i got all these talent but im not really in a good team, in other words, im really good and the school is not worth studyin in. i dunno man, but i kinda like it here, except for the freakin enrollment system... well heres the freakin story, i arrived bene around 8 am, so i went to the registrar to get the advising form that costs 5 bucks. that took a while, lets say 20 minutes, then when i got to the dep office, i got a number and its already 116, they started at 86 anyway so i figured that it wont take a while. me and 3 friends of mine went to kfc to get somethin to eat. then a friend told me that theyre already at 92, so i think we better get there to get that thing over with. maybe 30 minutes later and we arrived back at the office, and theyre just entertaining number 94, i mean 2 numbers in abt 45 minutes? that is whack!!! 12:00 pm and theyre just in number 97... got tired of waiting and we ate lunch. chilled around atc for a while to waste time instead of waiting. we went back just in time, number 115, and im up next, mr. 115 went up and told me that im next, but... when i reached mr dep heads office someones there!!! and mr dep head gave me a funny look saying what are you doing here? im like, fuck man im number 116! and im supposed to be next! no choice so i went out and wait for my turn, 10 minutes passed nothings happenin, 20 mins still nothin, 1 hr? still freakin nothin... 1 and a half hour?? fuckin nothing!!!! 2 hours shes done, then number 107 and number 113 came so i hafta wait again... i know... daaaamn... at last my turn came and it only took 20 seconds to finish everything up... y? coz im a fuckin regular and they aint... i mean why wont they advise the regs first then the irregulars... itll make things faster and easier... tomorrow will be enrollment, another day of spendin precious time waiting in line... i know i dont want to but i have to... haha so before i whine more "ill just end this shit with a fuck you and have a nice day" -8 mile-

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