Thursday, January 08, 2004

The Thursday Morning Kick-Off

Thinking about the NCAA-South is just around the corner. and our team is really out of shape. Take a look at me, sure i do know how to dribble, pass, shoot, and make alot of fancy moves when not pressured. And for sure, our opponents in that tournament will always pressure someone who is likely to fumble while dribbling the ball. I also lack consistency on my games. Some games i do wear my gameface, but only when forced to. A lot of times im that goody goody two boots football player who wont hurt a chick. My point is how will i survive with this kind of mentality and pressure running through me? We'll know because the league is already starting two weeks from now. My rookie debut as a football player. My time to shine, or whine, or whatever.

Later we will have our weekly practice, and thank God our coach will be there again. I remembered last Tuesday when our sweeper (lets hide him in the name of Terminator, because thats what he usually do to forwards, he Terminates them... literally) nearly ended the career of three high school players. I saw the spoil, the way they moaned and grinned in pain, and the way the terminator stared at them with no emotions. I'll have to give it to the Terminator, because thats what sweepers do... the sweep the m**th**f**ck**s off of their feet. I had mine last year, it nearly got me out of the line up for NCAA-South.

Lets go back to thinking about it. Where was I? Our out of shape college team. We had our fun in the pitch, had a few serious games, and when i say few i say few, and had a short time for serious training. But honestly, we lack experience, some of us resistance which is really necessary for the whole 90 minutes in the pitch. Again thinking about this make me sweat my ass off. I cant stay that long, i cant even stay for a whole half! I admit, Im huge, im slow, but im strong.

Well enough about this and lets go to one of the funniest highlights of the past year. We all know about our noisy, hyper friend La Rosa. And we also know the moronic idiot who cant speak a damn word clearly, Dy also known as the Yakuza, The Last Samurai, or simply the Idiot in school. Did i mention that he's a pathetic loser? Ok here it goes. It was just narrated to me by my friend who would liked to be called "DAO". It all began to La Rosa calling Dy "The Last Samurai" for maybe 50 times a day? i dont know but all i know that it is hella lot! Then blah blah blah and they end up fighting. First Dy tried to break La Rosa's left wrist, but it didnt work, no matter how hard Dy tried, it really... really didnt work. He huffed, He puffed and he even make a single bone snap. La Rosa got irritated and punched him smack down on the face. Dy, as a pathetic moron that he is, started to huff and puff and chased La Rosa until La Rosa bumped into the Vice Dean. Well the funny line from Dy is "Bakit ayaw mong magpasapak?" which is another reason that i can support my pathetic loser statement. Who the hell whould like to get him punched by a man who looks like an overgrown sloth?!? Can you see my point? That was it... The highlight of last year.

Its almost 9:30 here and im about to switch classrooms. The first period has ended, and ill put an end of this mumbo jumbo. Have a nice Day!!!

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