Friday, January 09, 2004

NBA: Knicks-Suns Trade

For the New York Knicks. Im watching the Knicks-Rockets game right now, with Hou leading 107-78 with 1:00 remainin, and all i can say that the trade just made the Knicks worse. With McDyess gone, Van Horn is forced to play at PF. Van Horn is tall a spot up shooter but never a post player. He has the height but not the body which a power forward needs. Battling against the top PF in the league will be hard for Van Horn.
The former suns, Marbury and Penny. They are running players, and after the game i watched the Knicks is not a running team. The Knicks is a shooting team and do not play fast breaks as much as the Suns did. I observed Marbury is running after he gets the ball and looks for open players, but open and running players are nowhere to be found on the floor. Allan Houston and Keith Van Horn, the primary Knicks players, are not known for their fast breaks or penetration shots. These players are always looking for an open spot outside the perimiter. Thats why i think the former Suns are not that compatible in the NY lineup. They have a lot of talent in their roster, and my prediction is that they will start winning after a year or two. comment me if im wrong here.

For the Suns. They dont need Mcdyess, and i can see McDyess is still not back to his old Nugget form where he is strong in the post and grabbing rebounds. He may have an excuse because he just got off from his injury and may have his own jitters. But as a veteran you should know how to bring momentum for your team. Back to Phoenix not needing McDyess, they have Amare Stoudamire in their roster, which is injured upto now, and Gugliotta on their bench. They are overflowing with PF's. Marion is still playing good, and rising young stars such as Joe Johnson and Leandro Barbosa who is starting to step up for the Suns. Johnson the top scorer with 25 for the Suns yesterday against the Bucks, and Barbosa with 16 (which is the normal numbers for Marbury) is filling out the gap that Stephon and Penny left. I can say that Phoenix got rid of unecessary expenses for young and promising stars who needs their exposure.

The Suns got the best of this deal, sure Knicks got the names but the Suns got a future for their former bench players like Barbosa and Johnson. Now as Coach Rev said, Can i get a lay up?

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