Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Here Without You...

A normal day, the sun is perfectly shining until a friend of mine passed by
I took a peek on the drivers seat, and gave him a greeting and a handshake
he told me that i have to take a look at the back seat for there is someone who is for me
i looked and suddenly a gush of blood rushed through my body
there she is the girl of my dreams.
she hugged me as soon as i offered her me hand as a greeting
she drove her face down my shoulder, weeping.
i asked my friend what happened,
i didnt even wait for his reply and asked her what happened.
i took her out of the pick up truck and offered her a glass of water and a simple talk.
days passed by after that moment and we were together, as friends or more than that
everyday i saw her and i grabbed her hand.
i still see her sad and lonely, despite the fact that i am there with her
there were hugging and holding hands.
moments that i have thought of before
but never really happened until now.
she transferred to the same school i am with now
seeing her everyday, my heart again got up from a nasty fall she gave it last time
i cant believe this is happening.
we were holding hands as if we dont want to let go
until i opened my eyes, and it was gone.
i just layed there staring at the sky where the sun was rising
and i asked why...
it was just a dream...
and that night... i never really wanted it to be one...
the sad part is... eventhough it was a dream...
i never really gave a moment to tell her how much i love her...

-Wandering Dreamer-

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