Monday, January 26, 2004

Its Still A Wonderful Lonely World For Me...

A lot of my friends keep on asking me how i live and go along this life without somebody by my side. i just keep on smiling, and never giving them a thought or a word. well sometimes i give them my reasons, but all of them are just the outside. and if you happen to read this, well you got my smiles all wrong. right here is the inner depths of my heart and mind. all those thoughts that i kept on holding while im in public and where everyone who knows me and see me. its just a mask and im just a listener who is still in need of counseling.

the laughters, the gestures, and the smiles are the results of all the beauty of this world can offer. theres too much of it to stay depressed. and all of them are just there for you to find out. but when the sun goes down and the moon rises, gloom enters my heart. sometimes my loneliness eats me up, where i dont find someone to talk to. i just miss that certain person... thats all... i dont know why, i dont know how... but the times that i couldnt sleep... memories keeps on running through my head... just like now... i just dont want to talk about it...

cold is rushing in
the darkness creeping in
i couldnt stand this loneliness
alone and deserted in this mystery they call life
but i still wear this mask
the one you gave me
when im afraid to say something
or show something
a smile, a smirk, laughters, gestures...
a mask...

still here
looking around
walking alone
in this wonderful lonely world

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