Monday, January 12, 2004

The Fork in The Old Road

going back...
back to where i lost it
back to the fork in the road where i lost myself
i stumbled upon memories
memories that i dont want to leave behind
i sat and took a rest
i took a good look at the places that we've been
i took a peek on how i looked like then
and i saw my eyes never leaving yours
and i looked at you just doing your old thing
i left and walked more trying to leave those
and then stumbled again to a memory that we have spent
all day long just you and me
all day long, giggling, laughing and smiling
i asked myself why...
why do i keep on looking back where i need to go is right in front of me
why do i keep on clinging to the past where i have lost my sanity
why do i still keep on loving you...
and by then i looked back to where you passed by a long time ago
and to the road where i left myself when i ran to you
i sat and thought whats it going to be
what road will i choose
i gave myself a moment
a moment to reflect and to think for myself
i walked back to the path where you went
and followed my heart
thinking i tripped and stumble along this road
and ill do it all again just to be with you...

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