Monday, June 15, 2009

Out of order

The week was just turning out to be a great one. Sun was up, arrived in office early, and everything was just right. Having eaten Tocino for breakfast to add icing on the already awesome morning I was having. I was already looking forward to playing Basketball tonight, having seen how Kobe played against the Magic today was just inspiring. And most of the time, I live through inspiration even with the sports I play.

Then... suddenly, I received a call that I need to visit a client for a meeting. That kinda pushed me off my order already, but thinking maybe I could leave right after the meeting and get back to meet my dad earlier.

Then the day just wouldn't stop messing itself up when I learned that the meeting would have to start by 3. Given our previous discussions which usually last an hour and a half... I don't know how I could cut things out to make it in time for ball later...

Good Lord... Why?

You see, playing basketball with my friends every Monday night is the very thing that makes Mondays worthwhile. This was the very thing that gives mo to my mojo. This usually keeps me up the whole week seeing how I played and basically had fun... ruining it would be the ruin of this week.

Now I'm at our clients whim... and me? I just couldn't find a way to smile now...

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