Thursday, June 04, 2009

And So It Begins

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Whats up with the minds of our so called congressmen these days? They can't seem to sit down and think... wait what am I saying, these guys already have YAY on their minds when you tell them about changing our constitution. These douchebags are on a mission, and we have yet to see what the big picture is. As of now, we know that they're using all their powers to kill the Senate as another legislative house that would vote on resolutions separate from the house of representatives.

2 views that people are looking at in this situation.

1. Term extension.

We all know that PGMA is screwed once she steps down her high chair. We all know that there are sharks waiting on her as she gets stripped of her immunities. That goes to mister First Gentleman aswell.

2. Change of Government to Parliamentary

Others speculate that she would run as congresswoman of the province of Pampanga... and for sure she'll win... then we'll be saying hello to the first Prime Rib of the Philippines.

It doesn't look good either way. If this Constituent Assembly pushes through, we're left with nothing... including what little hope we have.

Democracy was raped... stripped off her clothes and forced to suck their c*ck.

may God help us all.

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