Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Burning Skies

I was in Subic last weekend, and my camera got another opportunity to get out of its bag along with his friend mr. tripod.

So while my officemates were busy preparing for their skits and presentations to entertain us through the night, I got my friends out their containers and took some shots. Here are some of the pictures that I took.

While looking at the bay, a white light coming from my left caught my eye. So when I moved towards the source this is what I saw. Problem was there was a ledge blocking my way, good thing the tripod was high enough to get the camera to see the sight. This is what I got.

Right outside the room I saw a tanker docking by the bay. I wasted no time and set up the tripod and aim at the tanker. Took some trials to get my desired shot, and somehow I was speaking to myself as I analyze each picture. I found myself uttering these words... rule of thirds.

hehe this is what I got after adjusting the brightness and contrast.

The original images of these photos can be found in my Multiply site and my Flickr.

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