Monday, June 22, 2009

Fire In The Hole!

Again, something botched up my Monday Basketball.

A 3 hour fire in the PSE West Tower Basement damaged the whole thing that distributes electricity through out the building. When I arrived there earlier everyone was downstairs. So I was thinking that this would be awesome since I can go home early and work from there. But meetings should be attended and I have to go with everyone in Site B which is in Marikina City.

Logistically again... It would be hard for me to get back to Mandaluyong to rendezvouz with my Dad home. Get ready and prepare for ball. To which I'm still trying to device a way to make that one happen.

Looks like we'll be here until tomorrow... or worse. Best thing about it is that I can work from home again, and if I ever get called to the office, We don't need to wear slacks and leather shoes!

So here's one to kick my week off!

Damn it... I miss my NBA.

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