Monday, April 30, 2007

Up From The Get Go

Could I be up from the get go?
From that point where I start to let go
Thoughts shared from his average joe
just stating his mind, thats all I know

Reality bites, thats one reality check
nothings more real than this slap on my cheek
and even with this pain, this heart is meek
It still beats, so hard it freaks

Will I ever be up from the get go?
but which one, to you, you or that someone you know
He breathes, she breathes
Help me fight this one, help me let go

a long deep sigh, a long deep thought
will never refrain myself from being taught
how could this happen, how could you have wroth
this pain I feel,that one you brought

and as I find a way to end this piece
so that i can retreat to my sheets, and sleep in peace
i'll start on my knees, and not beg you please
knowing that you're smiling will just put me at ease

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