Saturday, April 07, 2007

Think About Tomrrow

In idle times where my mind is filled with boredom
I could just fiddle with my thoughts
right now as its full of stories and romance
hold my hand and lets start to dance

How do you like looking through tomorrow
and escape todays tormenting sorrows
lets just start with my bank account
that will soon pay for our own house
where we do our chores together
hand in hand catching that mouse

How about that porch we both dreamt of
what about torching a steak on a Sunday noon
while hammering our picket fence and planting flowers to cover dunes
think about those rooms we design
there are 2 bedrooms and 1 single floor
now I can't stop thinking of one blue door
a small bed and toys scattered on the floor

Just think about tomorrow
I can ask my mom to teach me to fix an Alfredo
Just promise me you'll name our dog poncho
raise a son that'll fulfill his fathers dreams
dreams like learning to play the guitar and someone that could sing

and soon... pretty soon we'll be sixty
How I can't wait to love you and get misty
like now when I see you, my hands get flinchy
I can't hold my breath too long
my lips are itchy

How I can just think about tomorrow
Now its time for me to face the tormenting sorrows
So much for that moment I borrowed
Since you're gone how can I make this moment follow...


jam said...

hand in hand catching that mouse????
gudlak k misis!
ahahaha :D

Marco de Jesus said...

hahaha cute nga eh!!! depende kung duwag si misis :D

jam said...

nde sa duwag e..kadiri kaya!

Marco de Jesus said...

hindi mo naman kakamayin eh... saka maghuhugas naman kami nang kamay after hahaha