Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Piercing Mirror

So hard to understand this mans heart
his emotions, feelings and hurts
Pains and tears of sorrow
That'll soon turn to be fears for tomorrow
without reason, nor the season
To even put this man in prison

Emotions just hurts and screams louder
Suddenly this man seems subjectible to anger
Confused on where He is
Confused on where he should be

Empty, weak and without knowledge
And to the strong he pays homage
To redeem a heart thats left for rummage
Suffrage for himself
A right given to have a fight
On what seems lost, for a fools sake
And in this post the point is just missed
apology for the one who gets bothered
and throttled by my foolishness

I'll have to wait from now one
Wait for the best among them
For sure It'll come
In completion...
this piercing mirror will gain your reflection

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