Monday, April 09, 2007

Through Your Eyes

How do I look from there
From top to bottom, how's my hair?
Salad on my teeth?
Have I said alot or am I just noise/

How am I through your eyes?
Spick and span, do I even appear nice?
Or is that goof you're with
Just that someone through your eyes

Am I too laxed?
Why do I even ask
What is it that you want?
Do I even pass as someone to rant?

How am I through your eyes?
Or did I just eat too much rice?
My goodness, look at that width
Is that who I am through your eyes?

I don't see those sparkles when we talk
nor feel your hands when we walk
Is it just me or do I think alot?
Uptight, stiff and someone I'm not?
I maybe sick of these lies
Will I be someone through your eyes?

How am I through those eyes?
tell me about your sugar and spice
and brush this uncomfortable mist
and lets talk about your eyes...
just your eyes

How am I through your eyes
could we quit playing these lies
Notice this one that beats
Try to hear them, and pass through your eyes...

Now that...
that would be nice...

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